I help leaders to make their firms or agencies stronger by using digital social technologies to relate to people, so the organization becomes more human. Being human also makes more money. My new book, The Social Channel, is coming out in 2013. The focus of my consulting work is the Chief Digital Office, an online competency center that helps senior leadership transform organizations with digital technology and collaboration.

Tue Sep 9
#RogersPark #ArtofTheDay

#RogersPark #ArtofTheDay

Mon Sep 8

Cicadas in all their glory, here I’m enjoying twilight on the terrace after a day of editing The Social Channel inside

Sun Sep 7

Glorious late summer eve, cicada orchestra swan song, supermoon rising over Lake Michigan w multicolored cloak

Sat Aug 30
Time to frolic

Time to frolic

Tue Jun 10

Swallows going crazy all afternoon, real daredevils, look so joyous

Fri Apr 25
Imagining Charles Chaplin ;^)

Imagining Charles Chaplin ;^)

Wed Mar 12

1st huge flakes falling on #Chicago north lakeside just after midnight #lastgasp ;^)

Mon Feb 17

Whiteout #Chicago 17feb14

Whiteout #Chicago 17feb14 II

Whiteout #Chicago 17feb14 III (shot it diamond so tilt your screen for full effect, it’s a feature ;^)